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Playing sports in college is the goal of many high school players. Attending camps and showcases are an important thing to do, but due to high volume of athletes, players are often overlooked. Read More
work out

Workout Details

In addition to highlight videos, we encourage athletes to include Individual Workout Details to showcase your strengths and help set you apart from other potentials. Read More
team highlights

Team Highlights

Team highlight films are a must have. Documenting each season should be a goal of every successful sports program. There are many ways to document a season rather than using traditional methods. Read More

Tryout Videos

Tryout Video workouts provide you the ideal opportunity to be videotaped, tested and scouted to get your name out to college coaches around the country. Read More
scholarship videos

Scholarship Videos

It is not only athletes that pursue valuable scholarships for higher education. Musicians, dancers, and artists are also sought by colleges and universities. Read More
game editing

Game Editing

Send us your game videos for editing. Game video edited, as is, into 15 minute segments in order to upload to YouTube and embed onto the our website. Read More

Game Filming

While we certainly film private workout sessions, individual tryout videos, and offer other services, much of what we do revolves around filming The Game. Game filming is the most important aspect of our sports recruiting services. Our Game Filming package includes video coverage of the entire game from an experienced professional cameraman. Our coverage will be focused, steady and clear. Coaches and parents are welcome to an edited copy of a DVD that will include replays, graphics, chapters and more. Our Game Filming Services usually include:
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Hosting
  • One Copy
*Travel expenses may apply.

Call us today at (609) 505-7953 to inquire, or send us an email for a quote.

Recruiting Services and Consulting

Okie Enterprises video and recruiting services, in connection with our affiliate sister company, the Athlete Recruiting Connection (ARC), can help you to put together a college recruiting video that will showcase your skills and fundamentals, incorporate some real game footage, and give the NCAA coach the ability to properly evaluate you as a prospect student athlete for their institution.

We also film sporting events and individual workouts with high definition cameras. The quality of the video is extremely important for high school coaches and athletes. Colleges and University teams hire us to film their games. Because we create videos for professional sports teams, we understand what it takes to get to the next level. We are dedicated to guiding parents and athletes through the entire recruiting process. The athletes we help are put in the best position possible in order to receive an athletic scholarship. We will help you get recruited and stay recruited all the way up to the national signing date.

We help student-athletes and families maximize exposure for scholarships and showcase their talents to college coaches the right way. The videos we produce are creative and more like a presentation than just game highlights. Our primary goal with our videos is to show an athlete’s strengths in a number of different ways and to standout from all the other videos potential prospects are sending in. In order to get recruited you have to go outside of the box with what you send to college coaches. You basically get one shot to show what you are all about on video. We make sure you take advantage of that opportunity. Let us produce a highlight/tryout or recruiting video and create your personalized scouting report.

What Does It Include?

Our typical Recruiting Services Package features include:
  • Videography (where applicable)
  • Video editing and production
  • Online video (4 minutes)
  • 10 DVDs (10-15 minutes of video)
  • Online video production & hosting
  • Personal profile page on

A non-refundable deposit is required at the project start. The balance is due when we deliver the final order. We can create additional duplicate DVDs. This includes labor, disc, label, and plastic jewel case. The online video is a Vimeo-type video that we produce and host on Vimeo, YouTube and on your personal profile page on

We will be glad to provide customer references upon request. We have different packages available to fit your needs. Because each project is different, please contact for a quote.

How Long Does it Take?

When the videography is complete, we usually finish your project within two weeks. If you need more customization to refine your content, the process could take longer. We will work to meet your time schedule and deliver a product with which you will be pleased.

Corporate Video Production

While our main focus at Okie Enterprises is to capture the highlights of athlete’s best games, we also have experience with producing corporate and organizational videos. We use our HD camera, professional lighting, and video editing suite to produce videos that accomplish their intended purpose.

We price ourselves competitively at a flat hourly rate and agree with you on the scope of the project and the number of hours before we begin work. We give priority to your schedule and your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your project and to allow us to provide a quote.

Video Transfer Services

Transfer your video tapes from various videotape media into multiple digital formats such as .mpg files, mov and DVDs. Camcorder formats such as 8mm tapes, VHS tapes, VHS-C, and many others are no longer readily available. Not only are they hard to view, magnetic tapes like these have an uncertain life expectancy.

What Types of Video?

Video transfer services may include:
  • Old middle school and high school sports games
  • Old band and orchestra performance
  • School plays and musicals
  • Family Vacations
This service is priced simply at $30 plus tax per tape transferred. We return your originals to you and deliver your digital content in files and/or on DVDs in DVD cases. Duplicate DVDs are available for $10 each plus tax. DVD sets of family videos make great Holiday and birthday gifts. Even if you are not in the Philadelphia or South NJ area, we can transfer tapes you ship to us. We will then complete the transfers and ship the originals and digital files/DVDs back to you.

Insurance Inventory

A cost-effective way to document your home or business inventory is by using Insurance Inventory Videos. Nearly every insurance agent recommends that homeowners, renters and businesses create an inventory listing of the contents of their home, apartment, or business. In the event of fire, theft, or other disaster video documentation is the only way to prove what you had.

The Process

We will accompany you at your home or office for the video shoot and will walk through every room documenting what you own. When possible we will record the serial and model numbers of your electronics and other equipment. The final result will be a menu-driven DVD that will be invaluable in the event of a loss. We will deliver to you three copies of the DVD. One for your files, one for your agent, and one for your safety deposit box.

Please contact us so we can understand the size of your home or office and your unique needs. We will then submit a quotation for the production of your video. We use guidelines to help estimate the cost. Typical pricing guidelines for quotes are based on as follows:
  • Up to 2,000 square feet – $200
  • Up to 3,000 square feet – $300
  • Up to 4,000 square feet – $400
  • Up to 5,000 square feet – $500
If your square footage is over or under these guidelines, we will adjust for these situations in our written quote. Usually, it is $100 per 1000 square foot. Also, special collections like large libraries, guns, stamps, audio, video, photos, art, etc. may incur an additional charge due to the increased time required to properly document these items. Again, it will all be included in a written quote.

For video shoots outside the Philadelphia / South NJ area, there may be a mileage charge. Please check with us for a firm quote on any mileage charge. We always try to avoid shipping to customers in our immediate area by delivering the completed order in person, but when an order must be shipped, UPS shipping rates plus a small handling fee will apply.


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