Game Editing

Send us your full game videos for editing. Game videos are edited, as is, into 15 minute segments in order to upload to YouTube and embed onto your website or social media sites.

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Team Highlights

Team highlight films are a must have. Documenting each season should be a goal of every successful sports program. There are many ways to document a season rather than using traditional methods.

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Recruiting Videos

Playing sports in college is the goal of many high school players.  Attending camps and showcases are an important thing to do, but due to high volume of athletes, players are often overlooked.

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About Us

Okie Enterprises specializes in professional, highlight/recruiting videos for Colleges and Universities. We also offer various consulting packages that can help in every facet of your athletic program. For the High School Athlete, we provide recruiting consultation for everything from individual highlight films to profiles to recruiting plans.

We understand what it takes to get to the next level. We are dedicated to guiding parents and athletes through the entire recruiting process. The athletes we help are put in the best position possible in order to receive an athletic scholarship. We will help you get recruited and stay recruited all the way up to the national signing date.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help athletes improve on their game and how the outside views each specific athlete. We will help guide you through the recruiting process and develop a recruiting plan for you to follow. Okie will document your play by capturing footage of games for training purposes, highlights, or by focusing on strengths/weaknesses for scholarships and recruitment purposes.

For Colleges, Okie has a wealth of experience ranging from high school all the way to the pros. Use Okie to get another eye on your program and start being pro-active utilizing our consulting services.

We have different packages available to fit your needs. Please contact Mark@okieproductions.com via email or phone for a personal consultation of our services.

Our Experience

Our work experience has enabled us to help High School, Collegiate and professional teams and athletes. Teams and Institutions perform and record highlights from various games. Our understanding of what college and university coaches are looking for makes us a helpful partner in the process. Let Okie Enterprises help you make the right first impression, your future depends on it. Here is a snapshot of projects we have been involved with over the last 10 years:



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